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About Us

This facility is in a rural location in the city of Pine City, and we serve other nearby rural locations in Pine County such as; Hinckley, Brook Park, Sandstone, Beroun, Sturgeon Lake, Moose Lake, Kerrick, and other nearby communities in need.

Empower Recovery Services leads by example in the achievement of a healthy, balanced and independent lifestyle. We approach every individual with an honest and professional evaluation of need followed by close attention and growth to these identified areas.

Empower Recovery Services offers expertise in freedom from addiction through the theories and/or philosophies of Health Realization, Solution Based Therapy, Several styles of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, EMDR and availability to spiritual coaching upon request.

These services will be provided in the format of group, individual and family therapies conducted by a Chemical Dependency and/or Mental Health professional.

We serve adult men and women in need of substance use and mental health disorder services provided in an outpatient setting. Our outpatient programming offers flexible programming to fit each person’s needs and allows each person to continue to engage in employment, education, family and community obligations while learning about their substance use disorder and its effects on their lives. 

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We know how hard it is to raise a family and work, at Empower Recovery Services we offer flexible scheduling to help you maintain your recovery and not become overwhelmed with the structure of your new life. We work with your families and court system to make your transition in recovery as smooth as possible while still maintaining sobriety.

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