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Available Services

Assessments and Referrals

Chemical Use Assessment

Outpatient Treatment and Relapse Prevention

Program Philosophy/Methods for Meeting Outcomes

Mental Health

Diagnostic Assessments & Individual sessions with Mental Health Professional

**We also offer outpatient mental health services independently and we DO NOT require you to be receiving substance use services to be matched up with a mental health therapist**

We offer Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). Please learn more about this therapy by clicking the link below.

Medication Management

Individual monthly sessions with Psychiatric Nurse for clients enrolled in our Dual Diagnosis Program.

Group Therapy

Morning and Evening Programming

Program Schedule

Subject to change upon program growth

Transportation Available

Empower Recovery Services will arrange transportation for you to and from your mental health and substance use appointments while enrolled in the program for clients who have Medicaid/PMAP insurance plans.

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