Available Services

Assessments and Referrals

Chemical Use Assessment

Meet with one of our qualified clinicians in a confidential therapeutic setting.

Chemical use assessments serve the purpose of identifying problematic chemical use.

Our professionals will provide appropriate referrals when necessary.

The assessment process takes approximately 90 minutes and the results of the assessment can be completed within 3-5 business days.

Mobile assessments available

Outpatient Treatment and Relapse Prevention

Program Philosophy/Methods for Meeting Outcomes

Empower Recovery Services offers solution based programming which is tailored to meet the unique learning styles of each client. Program components reflect the diverse needs of the population served. The treatment approach (while abstinence based) allows for learning through mistakes both past and present. Drawing from a model of health that focuses on the individuals belief system and unintentionally formed habits. Treatment is based on the belief that the problems related to substance abuse are treatable. The program consists of therapy groups, individual sessions with a licensed professional, medication management, and connection to community resources that begin the foundation of long term recovery.

Mental Health

Individual sessions with Mental Health Professional

**We also offer outpatient mental health services independently and we DO NOT require you to be receiving substance use services to be matched up with a mental health therapist**

We offer Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). Please learn more about this therapy by clicking the link below.

A Mental Health Professional will be available for individual sessions, treatment planning assistance and to provide diagnostic assessments and therapy upon the referral of their primary counselor. Empower Recovery Services offers Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) to assist in the treatment of trauma.

Medication Management

Individual sessions with Psychiatric Nurse

Our Psychiatric Nurse will meet with you for a psychiatric evaluation when you are enrolled in the treatment program; if you are experiencing mental health symptoms that are interfering with your ability to maintain a successful recovery.

Group Therapy

Morning and Evening Programming

This service is for individuals that have been diagnosed with a substance abuse and/or co-occurring disorder. Typically an individual in this program has experienced consequences due to their chemical use and are in need of services that allow them to continue with their daily routines. This program is also designed for those whom have had previous treatment and have experienced a recent relapse , or are stepping down from a higher level of care. Empower Recovery Services has three levels of outpatient treatment to meet the individuals need:

High Intensity Outpatient:  Group meets for 6-12 hours per week

Low Intensity Outpatient: Group meets 3-6 hours per week.

Individual Sessions Only: This option is reserved for individuals who cannot tolerate the outpatient group setting due to acute mental health symptoms. Most clients will be integrated into the group upon stabilization of symptoms.

Program Schedule

Subject to change upon program growth

Monday - Group therapy 9am-12pm AND 530pm-830pm

Tuesday - Group therapy 9am-12pm AND 530pm-830pm

Family Group - First Tuesday of each month 5:30pm-8:30pm

Wednesday - Group therapy 9am-12pm AND 530pm-8:30pm

Thursday - Group therapy 9am-12pm AND 530pm-830pm. Parenting Class (Scream Free Parenting) 9am- 12pm.

Empower's Fashion Closet - By Appointment Only.

Meeting with Peer Recovery Support Specialist - By Appointment Only.

Equine Therapy with Changing Gaits - Monthly (Only offered to those enrolled in our program)  

Transportation Available

Empower Recovery Services will transport you to and from your mental health and substance use appointments while enrolled in the program.

We also transport to any outside medical appointment when prior arrangements have been made. Please call Chad at 651-491-1888 to make a appointment.