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What They’re Saying

Outstanding outpatient treatment program. Counselors are thoughtful, helpful, forgiving, They helped me set my path to long term continued sobriety. They were very helpful with reports to my attorney for court review. I had to pay out of pocket. Not yet sure of my cost but suspect it will be competitive. They have great reviews compared to another local treatment center in Rush City, MN. I highly recommend Empower Recovery Services.

Andy S.

Every single person that is a part of this business cares about everyone involved. They love all of us and care what happens to us. They go above and beyond everyday all day. They dont have business hours they have life hours!

Jennifer L.

I have been to Hazeleden twice. It is a world renowned treatment center. I can honestly say that Empower is equivocal at the very least. World class. You will be welcomed at the front door with respect and love. I learned more about my thinking patterns and how to deal with my complex PTSD from my therapist, Kelly. These people LOVE people and understand because they have walked your walk. They will love you from the dirty bottoms of your feet to the top of your lice infested head....and then some. Kelly,,Alicia, Kim, and Cheryl are mind blowingly amazing. They keep their cool when addicts are being addicts. These people SAVED my life.

Katie R.

Offer an open minded collaboration of different recovery services from drugs and alcohol plus help with other mental health concerns.

Jesse M.

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